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California License PlateFrom 1910 to 1937, registration plates were in numerals only. Prior to 1924, these were issued with black lettering on a white background, until recalled and subsequently replaced with the reverse colour format: white lettering on a black background. All contained an “NSW” insert from 1912. In 1937, letters in registration plates were first introduced, using an aa-nnn format. This ran until 1951 with the “NSW” insert on the top of the plate. It is the beginning of Page embossed dies.

From 1951, plates were 3 characters and three numbers (as per the Federal scheme): AAA-000 to FZZ-999, issued on a yellow background with black lettering, with “NSW” insert on the top of the plate. From 1968, cancelled numbers in that range were reissued, but this did not last long, so the Department of Motor Transport DMT needed to fill in unissued plates containing I and Q on the 2nd and 3rd letter characters (e.g.: AIA-123, AMQ-123).

By 1972, NSW had reached the limit imposed by the Federal scheme: a new series started at GAA-000 and ran to ZLF-999 in July 2004,having skipped the plates series from IAA-000 to IRZ-000, ITA-000 to IZZ-999 and ZLG-000 to ZZY-999

Reflective black-on-yellow plates began from October 1980 at which time the “NSW” insert was struck from the top of the plate to be replaced by a state based slogan at the bottom of the plate, except when it was briefly reinstated in 1988/89.

In 1989, combinations went straight from “P” to “R”, bypassing “Q” altogether. Q-series plates were later released circa 1992 (QA-series) and continued into 1993 (until around the QI-series). Then in 1996 the Q-series recommenced and finished at QZ.

NSW plates attracted the following slogans, usually located at the bottom of the plate. Should you have any question, do not heistate to visit this free California license plate lookup service to get more information.